novembre 3, 2009

Welcome to our website!

Here we provide you with the latest software updates for different satellite receivers in order to keep your box updated with the permanently changing satellite channel landscape.

This site is a collection of files we have obtained and we are posting them here for educational purpose only, we accept no responsibility on these files, if you decided to use them we will not be responsible and answerable for any damage to your self or your equipment

We are working on new solutions to the problems met lately. We will add some more content to the sharing services and also add some more satellite to the available ones today. So at the end we will not only recover but increase the stability and diversity for our users to whom we thank for their loyalty.

Also the content now offered will be more stable than before and some new providers will be added to the actual offer.

We will also have some news for our users not enjoying the sharing services, which we never forget about. As you all know the availability of solutions today has become harder to get, but we are working hard to make true some impossible things again.

Moresat Team


Dump MoreBox

novembre 3, 2009


novembre 3, 2009

Latest Morebox Dongle Firmware

novembre 3, 2009